Additional Services/Coverages

Additional Services/Coverages

Primary Insurance Verification

Verify student-athletes primary insurance.  Find out if it’s valid, what type of plan it is, and the deductible.

International Primary Insurance

We can provide primary insurance that meets US Visa requirements. Benefits include athletic-related injuries.

Expanded Cheerleading Coverage

Coverage for cheerleading teams that extends beyond the NCAA policy. Includes coverage for competitions, parades, fundraisers, etc.

Business Travel Accident (for athletic employees)

Coverage for staff and administration traveling with athletic teams or on official business trips.

Catastrophic Cash

Limits up to $3,000,000 cash are available when a student athlete suffers continuous coma or paralysis.

Self-funded Athletic Insurance

Consider the advantages of a Self-funded Aggregate. Deductible plan placed with Cost Containment Services while continuing to have a maximum out-of-pocket expense to budget for. 

Increased Accidental Death and Dismemberment

AD&D is standard on most of our accidental medical coverages. Increased limits are available up to $200,000.

Increased Benefit Period

Standard benefit period is 104 weeks. Options for 52 and 156 weeks may be available.

Increased Accidental Medical Expense limits

Medical expense limits may be available up to $5,000,000 per injury.

Guest/Recruit/Volunteer Coverage

This class of insured can be covered exactly as your student athletes will be. Different limits are available as well.

ACA Compliant Heath Plans

 Affordable compliant plans are available that cover all accidental medical expense and sickness.

Coverage for Club and Intramural Sports

Accident medical coverage for athletics outside of intercollegiate sports.

Summer Camp / Clinic Insurance

Accident medical and general liability coverage for sports camps over the summer or clinics held on campus or the surrounding areas during the school year.