Our Story

Our Story

Borden Perlman is unique. We stand out from the crowd.

The Sports Accident Insurance Marketplace could be a daunting place for one to get lost in “the game.” With the current ever changing and evolving atmosphere in healthcare, it seems like a lost cause to try and stay up with the current regulations involving primary and secondary insurance for your Institution’s Athletic Department.

Have no fear…the Borden Perlman Sports Group is here.

We are Collegiate Sports Accident Insurance Specialists and get paid to stay current with the latest products, news, and trends in the field. We take great pride in what we do and work for our clients’ well being; educating, analyzing, and informing along the way.

How did we get started in this business?

Football and Insurance. They seem to go hand in hand in conversation at the moment. For Kelly Myers, former Defensive Coordinator at Trenton State College from 1979 to 2004, the two fields did just that. During his tenure at Trenton State College, he was approached by Doug Borden and his father Jack about entering the insurance business. Soon after, Kelly attended the Drake University School of Insurance and ultimately founded the Sports Group at Borden Perlman in 1990. Today, Borden Perlman works with over 300 US Colleges and Universities.